FLAT MOON gets Locked Down!!

As you may (or may not) be able to tell, certain pandemics have made life difficult for your friendly local b-funk-motherfuckers, but rest assured we've been working tirelessly at FM-HQ on some wacky content to keep you folks entertained. With music videos, FMTV sketches, livestream gigs and 5 brand spanking new tunes to share with you, now is a perfect time to be getting excited. We spent a bunch of days recording with Steve (what a legend) at Vibrations studios in Huddersfield, the product of this recording session is bigger and better than anything we've done before and your face will melt faster than a cornetto on a warm summers day when you hear them. We can't wait! 

We also have our first post lockdown gig fast approaching- the first time the public will have set eyes on us since March! We're playing a socially distanced and seated set down at Eiger studios Saturday 14th November, so make sure you save the date and get your tix here.