Oiii Oii

We'd just like to say a massive hello to anyone who has been LEGENDARY enough to check out the fresh new website. We've been hard at work kicking off the promotional side of things this week, including making this website. We have to give a massive shoutout to Lucy Gordonsmith for making the amazing animation at the top of the home page, IT'S CLASS! It couldn't have been done without Laura Bretnall, who also did a smashing job on our makeup! 

New FM TV content is coming soon, we're gonna be doing some filming for that tomorrow involving interviewing each member of the band. We have also been hard at work mixing some brand new demos which will be going up on the site in the coming weeks, let us know what you think;). In the meantime, you can download one of those new demos at the top of the page (and get yourself another lil offer).

We are looking to go into the studio to record our next 3 singles (Possibly 4...we shall see), to hopefully have a release date around October time! Honestly can't wait to get some more music out into the world! I think we are sitting on about 30-35 tunes at the moment, and more and more are being written as we speak. 

We have a new set of stickers (The pic of this blog is a sticker) and plectrums, which will be available on the store as soon as they arrive. They will also come free with any t-shirt!

Hoping you are well and staying safe in these times.

Till next time

FM xx